Jason Kulpa Featured in Article: “Understanding the Language of Digital Marketing”

Digital Marketing Terms

New to the digital marketing scene? Digital marketing experts, including Jason Kulpa, explain the top terms you need to know in a recent My Customer article “Understanding the Language of Digital Marketing”

“Are you properly leveraging your SEO strategy to produce optimal SEM results through your PPC, CPC, CPM, PPI and CPA marketing strategies? Do you have any idea what any of that means? If you don’t, don’t worry — digital marketing is one of the most acronym-happy industries there is, and it takes some study to catch up with it all. Today’s post will help you to make some sense out of the alphabet soup…

…As Jason Kulpa, CEO and Founder of Underground Elephant points out, one of the largest advantages of online marketing, when compared to other marketing platforms, is how easily we can measure success. From impressions to clicks to conversions, all the data is available for analysis and campaign optimization.” Pay per click advertising is a great model because it only charges the advertiser when someone interacts with their advertisement.”

Read the whole article here.

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