Jason Kulpa’s Tips on Living a Productive Life

Productive Lifestyle

What morning routine hack gets you out the door faster?

JK: The key to a successful morning is actually done the night before. Writing a list at the end of each day that includes the tasks you want to accomplish the next day can help you start each day fresh and ready to be productive. You can start getting to the important priorities right away, instead of spending the morning trying to figure out what you will accomplish next. Writing down a list also ensures you don’t forget a task and can help prioritize your tasks as well.

What is one of your key strategies to staying productive and on task when you’re extremely busy at work?

JK: As I said previously, lists can organize your life and add to productivity. At the end of each day, write out the tasks you need to accomplish the following day, and prioritize them based on their importance. The list should only contain items that can actually be accomplished. Throughout the day, the list will help you to stay on track while also providing intrinsic satisfaction when you cross off accomplished tasks. Even crossing off the smallest of tasks can make you feel more motivated and on track to tackle the next item on the list.

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