Snowboarding tips for beginners


Snowboarding is a fun, but tricky sport, and learning it might be frustrating and time consuming at first. However, with a little time and patience, you will be able to pick up and eventually master the sport faster than you think.

Here are some basic tips for first-time snowboarders.


Protective gear is not just there to keep you safe; it will help you learn

Your first attempts at snowboarding will likely result in a lot of falls. This might be annoying and frustrating at first, but proper protective gear will make the process easier by reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, if you fall while practicing, you should be able to bounce back up without much of a problem and continue to hone your abilities.


Try not to learn in “boilerplate” conditions

Do not try to learn in hard/icy conditions. This will make the experience first time hard and a little more dangerous. It’s best to go during times where the snow is soft and easy to learn on. If possible, go when there is fresh snow.


Start on powder

In fact, when starting out, try to favor the powder snow on trails. Ice will be dangerous and hard to navigate. Powder, on the other hand, will allow you to move more seamlessly. Also, if you look for untracked snow, you will have more creative opportunities to explore new terrain and learn faster.

Best of luck, snowboarders!

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