Jason Kulpa’s Tips on the Navigating the Hiring Process

What’s one mistake entrepreneurs can easily make during the beginning hiring process?

JK: When beginning the hiring process, it’s easy to get caught up in a candidate’s on-paper experience. However, it’s important to remember other attributes that make a successful employee, too. Ensuring the candidate is a good culture fit for your company is almost equally as important, so make sure to also look at their working style, personality, and collaboration skills.

What have you learned from this process?

JK: For any rapidly expanding company, quickly hiring employees might seem like the best solution for filling vacancies and increasing company productivity. However, an unorganized approach to hiring may not be the most successful solution to long term company stability and retention.  

As a startup, our company has personally seen its fair share of growing pains over the past eight years. We’ve seen the consequences brought on by hiring too fast to meet growing demands, and have learned several key lessons along the way. Read more about this topic in my Forbes post

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